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Thought For Food (TFF) is the world’s leading platform for Next Generation Innovation to address global food and nutrition issues.

Our movement brings together bold thinkers and doers from all disciplines and parts of the world, who are dedicated to developing breakthrough solutions to one of the biggest questions facing our future:

how do we feed
9+ billion people
by 2050?

Everything is up in the air. The ways in which we think, feel and act are turning inside out and upside down.

The current tornado of ideas, concepts, impressions and interactions puts us in a state of flux and fluidity. All of the rules are changing – and it’s clear that yesterday’s solutions aren’t suitable for addressing our food security challenges of today and tomorrow.

We’re in a moment of suspense, where it feels like time has frozen for a split second, waiting for your, my, our next move. It’s the stillness in the eye of the storm of transition.

Now is our moment to leap into the tornado of #whatsnext.

At this year’s TFF Global Summit, we’re going all-in to explore some of the important trends and disruptions affecting ourselves and our collective future. Expect visionary and action oriented conversations about interdisciplinary fields in the food and ag space - and beyond.

The TFF Global Summit is THE world’s meeting place for up-and-coming food system innovators and established players to share their latest insights and learn from each other. We connect and collaborate in powerful ways so that we can create, launch and scale game-changing solutions. And, of course, we’ll all be blown away by the 10 breakthrough pitches from the TFF Challenge Finalists

This is not a futurist conference, and it certainly is unlike any other food and ag events you’ll attend this year. We create an energizing and deeply impactful experience that will lead you to think in radically new ways about the world’s most important issues.

program and speakers announced soon!!

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tff challenge finalists

This year we have more prizes than ever up for grabs!

The Top 10 TFF Challenge Finalists represent cutting-edge innovations in food & ag from university students around the world. Selected from nearly 500 applications from 1000+ universities in 129 countries, these teams are competing for a prize pool totaling more than $30,000 USD.


Using discarded fruits and vegetables to create a dried, nutrient-rich food which can be used in disaster relief situations and as a solid fuel source. Universiti Putra Malaysia


A thermo-dehydrator for vegetables and fruits powered by bio-waste to prolong the shelf-life of produce from two days to two years. Makerere U; Uganda Technical College- Elgon; Kyambogo U

Ligno Flava

Sustainable, low-cost, natural vanilla production from food waste that can replace chemical flavorings. University of Brawijaya

Growing Future (Cultivando Futuro)

An information and agro-commerce platform that facilitates direct sales between small farmers and consumers, leveraging open data to analyze market trends. Jorge Tadeo Lozano; Universidad de Los Andes; Universidad Sergio Arboleda

From Challenge to Opportunity

Creating an affordable fertilizer from seaweed for farmers, and using the leftover pulp to make nutritious cookies for malnourished children. Gujarat Technological U; The Institution Of Engineers (INDIA); EPFL (Switzerland)

Dairy FIT

Combining the power of machine learning and data analytics technologies to predict cattle behaviour and genomic tendencies, with an aim to improve the health, wellbeing and productivity of intensively-farmed animals. Colorado State University

Climate Edge

A low-cost weather station and online monitoring system that provides targeted recommendations for smallholder farmers in tropical climates. Imperial College London

BlueGreen Nexus

A floating greenhouse that uses passive solar energy to distill ocean water into freshwater, creating a land, water and energy-neutral form of scaleable urban agriculture. Sterling College; Savannah College of Art & Design; Green Mountain College


A bioparticle that degrades pesticides into safe by-products in a matter of hours, allowing farmers to better control when they harvest crops. University of Virginia


An investment platform enabling collaborative projects between Agribusiness (Agri), Young Investors (Yo) and Landowners (Lo). HEC Paris

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Our venue is the industrial landmark De Kromhouthal, located on the water in one of the city´s most creative hotspots.

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